On the day we were due to fly home, we fell in love with a house that was already under offer and due to exchange contracts in days. It seemed to be beyond our reach, but Chantel and Christopher guided us through the steps required to buy it. They knew the selling agent involved and were able emphasise that our offer was serious. They put us in touch with a bank and a lawyer, and contracts were exchanged by 6.30 that evening. — Delhi-based client looking for a long-term investment and, eventually, a home in London

When I wanted a property in Kensington a friend suggested Penny Black, who had just helped her with a buy-to-rent investment in the area. At the time, there was a real shortage of properties. Everything seemed to be snapped up before it was even advertised. But Penny Black found an ideal place that wasn’t going public for another week. I secured it before it reached the open market. I can’t thank them enough. — Mr A Gupta, Mumbai