Initial Consultation

We discuss your buying criteria to form a clear picture of your ideal requirements and where you are flexible.

We explain trends in the current market and if you are not sure where you wish to purchase, we can offer a familiarisation tour. Both services are free.

Property Search

We visit, appraise and then shortlist both available properties and those soon to enter the market using our extensive private contacts and market intelligence.

The great majority of our purchases involve properties that never reach the open market. We accompany you to visit as many of the properties as you wish. Because our preliminary work is so thorough, this final stage is the only extended time you have to dedicate personally to the process. Many clients, particularly those based abroad or outside London, find this aspect of our service especially welcome.

Selection, negotiation and completion

Once a property is selected, we negotiate on your behalf to secure the best price. After your offer is accepted, we oversee the entire transaction by dealing with the vendor or their representatives.

We can also liaise with your own legal and financial advisors. Our expertise in dealing with a range of property and financial professionals and potentially complex legal issues ensures that the sale is concluded to your best advantage.